Motorcyclist 2 Bikes Plaque

Cowboy Chuck

$ 16.95 


Motorcyclists Plaque | Motorcycle Lover Gifts | Plaques can hang on the wall or stand on a desk.

Male/Female or Male/Male or Female/Female

Personalization includes Name, Skin Tone, Hair Color
Design will also include the additional info requested above.
    • High quality plaque is available in two sizes...5" x 7" and 8" x 10" 
    • Scratch resistant vibrant image is printed then heat pressed into white aluminum and will never fade, crack or peel.
    • Mounted on either Gloss Black or Gloss Cherry Finish Plaque
    • Versatile design - your plaque can hang on a wall or stand on a desk or shelf. To stand up, simply attach the threaded pin (included).

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